How Can We Help Your Business?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Immediate Leads: with a small initial investment, you enjoy immediate top quality leads. There is no setup fee for an Adwords account, and the advertisements cost you nothing until clicked on, at which point, there is a small charge for that qualified lead.

Set Budget: you determine your budget, and prevent yourself from overspending. As you start to make sales, your budget can increase.

Levels The Playing Field: even if you’re just starting out, Adwords allows you to compete with your biggest competitors.

Real-time Tracking: using detailed data analytics provides an understanding of which advertisements and strategies are working best for you enabling you to adjust your campaign constantly to ensure the best Return On Investment.

Targeted: you can target customers locally, nationally, or internationally based on your business strategy.

Pay Per Click is your immediate short term strategy, but together with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), they offer a holistic strategy that will bring you immediate leads and an increased volume of leads throughout the year.

Organic Search (SEO)

If you feel SEO is a better generator of quality leads, you’d be right, but SEO takes time as your site grows and has all the Google algorithm requirements addressed.

What Does It mean: Search Engine Optimisation is a ‘process of influence’ that makes Google better understand your website and its relevance to search phrases, increasing your visibility to their active search audience.

Why SEO: SEO affects your website’s organic rankings driving enhanced free traffic in the long term making your website visible to thousands of active (ready-to-buy) customers every month.

On-Going: SEO is an on-going requirement of your digital marketing strategy and although it may take longer to show results, it will eventually deliver the largest proportion of monthly leads, at the lowest cost, and the highest conversion to sales ratio.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the premier, most widely used data tracking tool in the world today. Its detailed reporting on all website traffic allows you to better understand your users and adjust your campaign and website to offer a better service to your potential clients. This grows traffic, improves conversion rate and increases sales. Simply put, it takes the guess work out of marketing!

You think you’ve heard enough? Give Rory a call on +27 82 306 6230.

Social Media Marketing

We can assist in creating and managing social media pages, providing content for those pages, running advertising campaigns, generating leads, and also tracking your success on various social media networks.

What is Social Media Marketing?: Social media offers far more than just the ability to stay connected with friends and family. Social media platforms also provide a way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. You can leverage social networks and build your brand online while strengthening customer relations. Whether it’s a Facebook page or even an Instagram account.

Why use Social Media Marketing?: Social media gives you the ability to promote products and services to millions of active users. You also have the opportunity to interact with your customers directly, answer their questions and tell them about your business in a fun and informal way.

Website Development

Using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) as our primary platform, we provide you with a rock-solid solution for your business to impress your online clientele. Our web developers work tirelessly to produce websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Expert Website Service & Maintenance: We’ve pretty much mastered the art of building and fixing functional and sleek websites for South African business owners, but more importantly, for the people who use your website.

Why is Web Development important?: Our technical team will create & optimize your website using compelling content, best practice, and relevant, high-quality images to ensure that your business has good authority online, therefore generating more traffic to you and not your competitors, increasing your leads, and taking your business to the next step.

Keeping you in the loop: We are driven by client centricity, which means that your involvement is important to us. Through each stage of website development, we require your approval and the website will only go live once you’re happy. We have various affordable web design packages to suit the needs of your business.

Email Marketing

We can offer you a well-researched and expertly designed email marketing campaign created for your business to generate high quality leads that your team can convert into sales. With a budget of your choosing, we can increase your number of incoming leads and help you grow your business.

Why Email?: Using emails to promote your products or services are classified under email marketing services. This is also considered part of internet marketing which is all done online using websites, social media, and blogs. Email marketing can also include newsletters with updates, promotions, exclusive deals, and discount codes.

Doing it right: If done correctly, an email marketing campaign can keep your customers informed and engaged, making it one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and potential leads alike. A poorly structured one sent too frequently will most likely be flagged as spam, that’s why you need us pros to help you compile the perfect strategy for your business.

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