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Our Product

We package multiple digital channels into a cohesive, process-driven, tried and tested marketing campaign, delivering outstanding results every time. Statistically, we’re only supposed to hold your attention for 2.43 minutes*, so…

Immediate Leads

Phase 1: We create a PPC campaign that drives immediate leads to your business in the short term.

Case Study: In the first week of Spit Braai Delivery’s campaign, the company received 16 qualified quote requests from its website.

Sustained Growth

Phase 2: While you’re closing your immediate leads, we continue our SEO process in the background to further optimise your site using Google best practice, ensuring your business is recognised as a relevant search result, thereby increasing visibility and generating more leads in the long term.

Case Study: Since Just Do Digital started working on this client’s site, over 70% of Spit Braai Delivery’s website traffic comes from unpaid Google search (organic) and its sales team enjoys a consistent flow of quality sales leads every day.

No Guess Work

Phase 3: A consummate understanding of your website visitor data allows us to constantly manage, tweak and ultimately improve your entire campaign. Your days of cold calling are over.

Case Study: In this user flow chart, you can see the majority of this client’s website visitors request a quote. This user journey was carefully constructed to convert as many leads as possible in just 3 clicks, while also tracking the source of each lead.

The Principle

The digital space is a cluster of information so we’ve packaged the most crucial channels into process-driven campaigns that give SMEs exactly what they need – a lead generation strategy for both the short and long term. In a nutshell, when someone searches online for any product or service you offer, it means they’re in the market right now so
your website simply has to be an option.

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