We all wanna work quicker! And smarter? Cos we’re always busy right?

Well, business process automation is not a myth.

Using workflow automation tools wisely can speed up your business processes. But unfortunately, it can come at quite a cost.

API integrations can cost big money because it requires a developer to connect the flow of data between tools & systems.

But what if you dont have the bucks?

You can assess what processes within your business can be sped up just by implementing quality email templates.

Here’s an example: In my process, I on-board our clients personally. So, every time we get a new client, our sales team will activate a process. When they confirm an SLA is signed by a client, I get an email with the client & campaign details. Then, I need to compile an email to the client outlining the service, the expectation, and the roadmap for their campaign.

The old school way would be to write a new email every time. Or, I can save time by creating an email signature template, with conditional sections that I change each time.

The result, I save 20 minutes every time we close a new deal. And 20 minutes is rather valuable to me… Now if I create 3 of those email templates – for repetitive emails that I have to regularly send – I end up saving heaps of time. You do the math.

So, here’s a simple step by step guide to setting up an email signature template.

* If you’re not using outlook, find your email signature settings, and run with the same concept.

Your first step, before you setup your new email template is to decide which “regular email” that you send out would make the most sense to automate. I’ll leave that decision in your capable hands.

  • Open Microsoft – click on “file” at the top left
  • Then click on “options”



  • Now click on “mail”, then “signatures


email signature example


  • Now “copy” all the text/images in your existing email signature (we’re going to “paste” in the next step.)


copy existing email signature


  • Create a “new” signature and “paste” the one you just copied into the empty text section
  • Once you’ve pasted, begin writing the template email. Here’s an example. You’ll notice that I’ve used “xxx” for the sections where I know I’m going to have to edit for each individual client. I now don’t have to write a new email (from scratch) every time. Lekka


creating an template email signature

  • Now “Save” the email signature template, go back to your Inbox, and “create a new mail. Then, click “insert” & “signatures”. A dropdown menu will show, and you can select the signature you just created. Boom. This is what you’ll see. 


using an email signature template

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