If I need to add a new admin to my Google Maps location, here’s a nice and easy step-by-step guide to take you through the process. Your location on Google maps is an extremely crucial part of your marketing strategy, particularly if you are a local business servicing people in your region. If you’re not servicing local businesses, it’s still crucial in terms of your strategy to make certain that both Google & your potential customers know where your offices are. Its credibility for Google, and that’s what you want. If you’re serious about improving your overall search marketing strategy online, your maps need to be spot on & published.

Add a new admin to my Google Maps

Step 1: Go to business.google.com – and login with your Gmail account. You should see this page, then click on “manage” – which I’ve highlighted in yellow.

Add a new admin to my Google Maps


Step 2: You should have landed on the page shown in the below screengrab. It’s a list of all the Map locations which you have verified, or are in the process of verifying and getting published. Click on the one you’re wanting to add an admin to (I’ve highlighted where to click in yellow)


list of all locations in Google maps account


Step 3: Again, I’ve highlighted where to click in yellow… “Add Managers”.


Add managers to Google Maps Location


Step 4: Now comes the crucial step – you’re right near the end though. Your steps are as follows. Look at the screenshot below, and you should see “owner” next to your name – that’s a good start. It means you have full access to add a new user. For the next step, add your email into the block at the bottom (make sure you decide if you want the user to be a Manager or communication Manager). Manager can help you with the necessary changes, and comms manager can help with less. But at this point, if you’re worrying or having trust issues with the person you’re giving access to – you have a problem. If not, go with “Manager”, and click Invite. If you’re wanting to add JDD so we can help, we’ll most certainly have sent our emails in an email – please use those 🙂


the a new admin manager to my google maps - step by step

Final Step: The person you’ve added with get an invite to the email you used when you added them. They should accept the invite, and Bobs your uncle.

Hope this quick tutorial helped

Team #JDD