Rory Eliot

Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize (S&S)

Rory’s involvement with Synergize saw him climb the ladder to CMO just before The Publicis Group successfully acquired Synergize, and merged it with S&S. Rory  saw a gap in the market for a lead generation model helping SMEs address their core needs.

Greg Hughes

Infixion Media (Pty) Ltd
(Chairman & CEO)

Since selling Infixion Media to Media24, Greg has been on the lookout for a world class new business opportunity. After a short sabbatical, Greg joined the club to look after the business side of JDD.

Bobby Nicholson

Universal Publishers

With a career spanning publishing & digital marketing over the past 9 years, Bobby continues to apply all his knowledge to ensure our clients achieve success online. Bobby’s know how has enabled him to continually place companies at the very top of Google search.

In The Beginning

Over the last decade Bobby and I have enjoyed growing up in the world of digital. Being friends with a common interest made it easy for us to discuss our successes and failures over a bottle of wine and, although we both approached the industry from different points of view, it quickly became clear that we agreed on some fundamental aspects. I had honed my skills in new business and product development, sales and client satisfaction, having helped Synergize (a then specialised search marketing company) grow and ultimately be acquired by the Publicis Group. Bobby, who had developed his natural marketing prowess in digital publishing, shifted his attention to search marketing. Since then he has single handedly help dozens of small business grow through a keen understanding of search habits and trends, using his knowledge to drive high quality leads for these companies.

Some Time After That

Over the years we identified the need for a no-frills digital product to service the SME’s core need for qualified lead generation. We have developed and rigorously tested a cohesive campaign (our product) with numerous companies, enjoying exceptional results.

And Then

We decided it was time to bring in a partner to help manage the business. Greg Hughes, who had recently sold his successful media business to Media24 and was enjoying an extended sabbatical, was just the man. We presented the opportunity to Greg who agreed to join us immediately. Greg has an MBA from Wits University and nearly 20 years with Infixion Media, a specialised business-to-business media company.


Just Do Digital is a specialised, product-driven, digital marketing agency with a focus on lead generation campaigns for the SME. Our USP is our emphasis on adding real value to our customers and ensuring a positive client journey.

Mission Statement: to offer all SMEs a great product that is not only affordable, but that meets their basic need for quality lead generation and profitable growth.

Business Philosophy: we believe in offering free advice up front, an honest service, and enjoying good long-lasting relationships.

Welcome and warm regards,

Rory Eliot
+27 82 306 6230

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