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Your website is the greatest tool to drive high quality leads to your business, when you really utilise the power of search engines like Google. Ensure that anyone searching for products and services offered by your business find you on the 1st page of the search results. We use Pay Per Click advertising to drive immediate leads, and Search Engine Optimisation for constant growth in unpaid search result over the long term…

See your business in Google search results

If you were looking for a Gym in Fourways Jo’burg, you would Google: “Gym in Fourways Johannesburg?” right?

Viva Gym is just one of our clients enjoying and capturing an abundance of leads by sitting in the very top spots on Google search results. Viva receives over 400 qualified leads each month.

If you’re looking to improve your Golf in Cape Town, you’d Google: “Golf Driving Range Cape Town” right?

Golf Village is also one of our clients that appears first on Google’s search results… Once again, a Just Do Digital customer in the top three spots! They enjoy no less than 90 successful leads to their business each month.

Search Engine Optimisation will drive leads to your website
Search marketing is your answer to long term lead generation

If you want to book a Spit Braai in Cape Town, you would Google: “Spit Braai Cape Town” right?

Spit Braai Delivery Cape Town is another one of our satisfied clients, and look where they rank… Number one. Our expertise ensures they receive no less 300 highly qualified leads each and every month. Feel free to contact them and request a reference from Callum – their Grand Master of Customer Delight – who receives the leads directly to his inbox.

Keen to be found? Buzz Rory on +27 82 306 6230.

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When it comes to internet search marketing, an SEO Audit is one of the most important tools to provide a detailed insight of your website’s current foundation, to start building for future success.

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